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YourMobile PhoneSmartphoneMobile Deviceis watching over you !
The application TAGALO uses the GPS of your smartphone to know your position at any time.
A fall detection algorithm specifically developed for riding. Tested by stuntmen for all fall scenarios.
An alert is automatically sent when a fall is detected. If needed, a "panic" button is also available.

How does it work ?

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When you go on a ride with your horse, simply activate the application, put your phone in your pocket and we take care of the rest.


The TAGALO application includes a fall detection algorithm developed on the basis of data collected from the motion sensors of your smartphone according to rules determined by our engineers.


When a fall is detected, the application sends an alert to the people you have pre-defined while indicating your location in real time.


Beyond the safety aspect, the application tracks your rides on a map by indicating the pace of your horse and the distance traveled, speed and duration.


When you come back from your ride, you can access the history of your route, the statistics of your different speeds and share them on social networks.
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At TAGALO we think of everything !

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Riding is a sport apart and we know it !


Unlike other sports a fall can not be summed up just at a stoppage of motion.


This is why 2 years of research have been necessary to develop, make reliable and learn algorithms to differentiate between real fall, obstacle clearance or descent and many many more …

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